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A passion for fashion and all things ab-so-oh!-lutely FABULOUS under the sun. Ponderings and musings of a mind long numbed by the addiction that is fashion. Because seeing the world through Tom Ford Genevieve 702 glasses is so much better...

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April 11, 2010
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Oh No She Di'int! *snap*

Martha Stewart teaches Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez  how to tie-dye. Yep, believe it y'all, she did! She is actually teaching the Gods of tie and dye how its done!

For those who came in late, I have four words and four numbers for you: Proenza Schouler spring/summer 2010! Remember this?


Oh! Proenza Schouler! Thanks for making tie and dye look chic.


Later then y'all.

x Dyuti


April 10, 2010
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SATC 2 Extended Trailer: Carried away!

SATC 2 is probably the most awaited movie this summer, atleast for me. And just how fab is the extended trailer?! I've seen it about 6 times already!


There is just so much packed into the 2:30 mins; Charlotte's a hot mess, Miranda is not,Samantha is just being Samantha, Big and Lydia (Penelope Cruz!), Abu  Dhabi, Carrie wearing a Dior 8 ball tee and purple peasant skirt and... Aidan!! Oh! Aidan! How I loved Aidan! I always thought (and still think) Aidan and Carrie belonged together. They were so perfect!

Would I be wrong in hoping against hope that they get back together?

On a different note, Miley Cyrus does a cameo as... Miley Cyrus. Love the outfit but hate the dog collar.



And while the cynics may wanna do 50 useless things rather than watch the trailer, you make you sure watch it and get Carried away. May 27th y'all, save the date!


xo Dyuti

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April 09, 2010
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A Fashion State Of Mind

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

~ Coco Chanel

April 04, 2010
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Shade-y Like That!

Ssup y'all?! Well, yeah, I know I'm probably the most irregular person on the blogosphere but that is all going to change for good now. I'm determined to post regularly now. Let's see for how long this phase lasts though.

Anyhow, spring maybe setting in wherever y'all are but its crazyfriggin' hot chez moi. Oh! How I hate living in a one-weather-only city. So, I tried staying under house arrest to escape the scorching heat for over a month now and I just cannot take it anymore. Time to brave the heat now. The stupid sun is at its brilliant best though, so much so that its almost a potential vision hazard. I could really do with an ab-fab pair of sunnies now. Maybe something along these lines...

While the Prada and Chanel ones are fabulous, the Alexander Wang ones have me all gaga over them! Nastygal has a similar pair for, like, a fraction of the whole. Just how awesome are these?!

Oh! And speaking of gaga..


Did you actually think I would talk about glasses and not mention Lady Gaga?!

Later then, y'all.

x Dyuti


Images courtesy Style.com, Google and everywhere it led me.

February 24, 2010
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NYFW Fall 2010

So, after what could possibly be the longest hiatus I have ever been on, I’m back! And this is the first post straight out of my shiny new Dell Inspiron! YAY!

Okay, so back to the fashion business. ‘Tis the season to be jolly for all the fashion-holics out there, comme moi. Yep, fashion week! NYFW is finally done with (had me working at para-human hours for POSHGLAM.com) and London is giving us some serious action while Paris and Milan are gearing up.

Right, so without much further ado, here’s my fav-list from the Big Apple.

To start off... Marc Jacobs. Pure Genius Personified. Playing up the theatrics and toning down the drama on the clothes sure did the thing. Lovelovelove <3!! My favourite pieces from the show: the clear trench and lamè coat apart from the basic a-line skirts and well-tailored blazers. He also defined the new hemline for the season --- somewhere between the knee and calf, minus the dreaded grandma frump.

Also a huge fan of Marchesa’s glamorous cocktail dresses and elegant gowns. All that organza, ruffles, bead-work and colour robbed me of my breath. Stunning! Wonder who’ll be spotted  on the red carpet in one of those...


Michael Kors did well with his safari inspired signature all-American knitwear while Rachel Roy’s contradiction between sheer and opaque was absolutely fabulous.

I have already marvelled on Rad Hourani’s brilliance earlier and with this collection... I’m ready to declare my undying love and devotion towards his work. His all-black, modern-goth ensembles are extremely original and a breath of fresh air after all that fur-fiesta everywhere. A carry-over from last season, zips were still his choice of ornamentation but he did use patent leather, sequins and even neoprene for this collection.

Also loved DVF for the new take on masculine-feminine contrast, Calvin Klein for out-of-the-world shapes and L’Wren Scott’s renditions of the classic tuxedo.

Closely following the  ramps of London right now and boy, they never disappoint do they?

What did you think of NYFW? Who were your favs? Lemme know wontcha?

Later then y’all.




(Images courtesy Style.com)


January 10, 2010
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The Shape Issue

Hey all! Happy 20-10! Hope you OD-ed on fun and fashion in the holidays, I know I did :-)

It all started with chocolates; lots and lots of them over the holidays. Now that I’m going back to school I just can’t stop feeling guilty every time I look in the mirror (Not that I’ve ever been skinny or ever can be). And that’s when the latest issue of Vogue India came to my rescue. The January issue is usually the shape and good thing too cuz once you’re over the holiday hangover you notice all those extra pounds on you. The issue is great but I wish they’d start featuring regular models atleast for the shape issue; skinny cover girl for the shape issue so does not do the trick, and the fact that she lost 40 pounds is a bigger nay (call me sour grapes :P). Yay! for Vogue India anyway.


Then came the pictures from Vs size issue and a truck-load of criticism along with it. Karl Lagerfeld has shot a spread for the magazine with full figured burlesque dancer Miss Dirty Martini. This does come as a surprise considering his caustic comments about regular women are still fresh in our memory. The shoot is brilliant though. Check out the complete shoot on Models.com. (Image courtsey Fashionologie)

What really got me outraged though was The Cut’s take on this. According to Amy Odell, this is nothing but a publicity stunt and so is Marie Claire’s (Australia) decision of putting a nude and unretouched photo of Jennifer Hawkins on the February cover. I really don’t understand why the Size Issue is still an issue! After the Mark Fast show and Lara Stone haven’t regular figures become, well, regular. And with full-figured phenomena like Beth Ditto, Gabourey Sidibe and Adele its high time fashion comes to terms with the reality of the situation. The way I see it, this is yet futile attempt by Amy Odell to hog the spotlight.

So, as I write this (while taking breaks and snacking up on instant noodles), I can’t help feel a little more comfortable in my skin today. Fat may not be the prettiest thing on this planet but it’s the reality. Face it!

Later all.



December 06, 2009
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Designer du jour: Rad Hourani

Hey all! Flu’s doing like hell, thanks for asking :-P So, I’ve been researching obsessively and I came across this really fabulous designer Rad Hourani. I just received the look book for spring, check it out...


I love how his garments are so androgynous, structured, minimalist and totally practical. Check out those slash leggings; they have now become his signature. Also, I really admire that he has made his own mark. While the rest of the designers are leaning heavy on florals, this Jordanian born designer decided to go completely achromatic for summer. Nice!



Oh! And that asymmetric white jacket has wardrobe staple stamped all over it!

December 05, 2009
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On Target: Rodarte

I know; long hiatus again. But as always, I have valid reasons. Just finished designing for my final year design project (I’m studying Fashion and apparel design, yes), did a story for POSHGLAM.com (here: http://poshglam.com/rochas-for-holiday ) and I’m down with a flu (atchoo!). Now those are some genuinely valid reasons, right?


So, Rodarte for Target; yes, the look book is out. Take a look…

















 Did you notice how the leopard print makes its appearance in the form of dresses and bow belts? Lovelovelove it! Also, those cute sheer cardigans are an absolute must have. I have been obsessed with cardigans for some time now and I just can’t seem to find the right one. Sheer is a huge trend and this looks like the perfect way to channel it.


Apparently, Target is launching in India. Too bad I won’t be able to get my hands on these though; the collection is available from December 20 through January and there is NO WAY Target will bring it here in that span. Sad!


P.S: When asked what their inspiration was, the Mulleavy sisters (they’re designers for those who weren’t aware) elaborated about their muse, Tavi Gevinson (of Style Rookie) and how this 13yr old is the very definition of Rodarte.  


(Images courtesy nymag.com)




November 22, 2009
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FashBash: New Moon premiere. Who's got THE look?

 Images : Getty Images



November 21, 2009
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Coveting This Month: Leopard Print

Cougars may come and go, but a leopard never changes it’s spots. If I’m only allowed to go gaga over one thing this month, it has got to be leopard prints (to be specific, a leopard faux fur coat).

It all started…well, quite some time ago. The trend seems to be pretty recurrent.  Last season, Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz made fashion headlines with those  dresses in leopard spots. This season, the trend is revived by D&G; leggings, skirts, coats and all

The leopard coat is a perennial staple in Kate Moss’ wardrobe and was spotted on the backs of Lily Allen and Kylie Minogue recently.

In fact, check this out…

Yep, that’s Kate Moss wearing an Isabel Marant leopard print fur coat for Paris Vogue (Oct ’09). Absolutely fabulous, right?!

So, November is gonna be all about the leopard print faux fur coat for me!! Nothing else to it, is there now? For those of you yearning for this along with me, happy obsessing!! J




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